I can help you realise your true power and creative potential. When you feel great you stand taller, smile wider and literally own the room and I will show you how your clothes and your style can elevate your success.

Style and clothes tell a story before you’ve even opened your mouth and we all know people make their first impressions within 7 seconds of meeting you, this happens before you are even able to impress them with your sparkling intelligence, zesty humour and incredible personality, so we need to make our style count!

I specialise in working with men and women during life transitions such as promotions to senior roles, career development, weight loss/gain, going back to work after starting a family, first job, lifestyle changes such as illness/separation – during times when clients really need to to feel uplifted, inspired and elevated.

I am compassionate and intuitive and I will help you fall in love with yourself and your style so you can feel incredible every single day. Tell your story, love your style.

Why not book in your FREE style consultation today!


Stories with Clothes

You can also email me directly on storieswithclothes@gmail.com or call/text me 07966 406889

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