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Get your style mojo back and feel fabulous every single day…

  • Are stuck you in a style rut?
  • Do you simply want to enjoy a capsule wardrobe?
  • Have you had a promotion, just starting out or want to progress in your career?
  • Are you going back to work or just started your own business?
  • Would you like to look and feel great everyday?

If you are thinking ‘Yes that’s me’ to any of the above or you would simply like to refresh your wardrobe, then I would be delighted to hear from you and assist you to be the best and most beautiful version of you.

Here are the services I offer, though I am also able to create bespoke packages, shopping experiences such as Mother/Daughter days and Style Workshops to suit your needs – just get in touch with me and let me know how I can help you feel fantastic again.

Style Spritz – 1 hour (can also be done via Skype or video call) £75.00

We will briskly go through your wardrobe either in person or via video call/Skype and put together some great looks just for you and your lifestyle to enhance your confidence and update your style. I will make a few simple suggestions about how to get the most out of your wardrobe and suggest some new pieces you could look for to elevate your style at a later date.

This service is great for you if you don’t have much time, don’t want to go shopping and would like some ideas about how to refresh your look using your existing clothes.

Style Spritz

Update your look in hour with a Style Spritz!


Colour Analysis – 30-40 mins £39.00

Colour really affects our mood, the way we feel about ourselves and also the way other people interact with us and can literally strip years away when you are wearing the right colours for your skintone! I myself was very sceptical about the power of colour and felt I knew what suited by me – if I hadn’t seen the transformative effect of it during my training with colour expert Jules Standish, I would not have believed the enormous difference it can make to a person’s face. Wearing the correct seasonal colours will clear and smooth your skin, brighten your eyes so they look luminous and sparkly and help you own your style and elevate your look.

The process will take 30-40 minutes working through the seasonal method of Colour Analysis which includes the following.

  • Colour Analysis using colour drapes to decide which season you are
  • We’ll discuss how to incorporate the colours into your wardrobe
  • Style advice on how to elevate your look using colour

Colour Analysis works really well for groups and I can incorporate other elements of Styling such as Body Shape Analysis to create a bespoke Style session for you and your friends, family or colleagues. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Colour Analysis

Find the colours that suit you, makes your heart sing and your eyes sparkle.


Gift Vouchers 

Give the Gift of Style – perfect for Mother’s Day! Not sure which service to book for your friend or a loved one? Why not treat them to a Gift Voucher and they can decide which style service suits them or they can put it towards a Style Experience. Gift Vouchers can be created for any amount from #25 upwards so just drop me a line if you’d like a different value

Gift Voucher £39.00

Congratulations you have been given the gift of style! Choose from Colour Analysis to Bespoke Style Experiences.


Mother’s Day Gift Voucher £70.00 – Two Colour Analysis Sessions

This Gift Voucher entitles you to 2 x Colour Analysis Sessions at my studio in Rickmansworth where you will learn all about which season you are and which colours will elevate your look, even your skintone and light up your eyes!


Gift Voucher £100.00

The gift of Style! Congratulations you have been gifted a wonderful stylish experience – choose from Colour Analysis to a full Shopping Experience.


Wardrobe Edit & Revitalization inc Body Shape & Colour Analysis – 2 hours £225  (for a standard 5′ sized wardrobe, additional time can be booked at 30 mins intervals at extra cost)

Let’s start with coffee! I offer a full Colour & Body Shape Analysis so we can ensure we are selecting the best styles, shapes, fabrics and colours to elevate your look. We then go through your wardrobe together, sifting out items you no longer wear/need, going through items you’re not sure of/have never worn. I will create new outfits using existing pieces for you to take your style forward and ensure you are getting use out of all of your clothes. We will also discuss planning outfits and how you can adapt your style for different events and situations to ensure your clothes are working hard for you and I will make suggestions on new items which will enhance your look and ensure you are looking your stylish best everyday. We will take photo’s of key looks that work for you to provide you with an elegant and stylish outfit image base to help keep you on track. Prior to our appointment, I will send you a questionnaire which will help us get the most out of our time together. I will also get in touch with you afterwards to see how you are getting on with your newly organised wardrobe and answer any questions you may have.

This service is great if you’re starting a new job, changing careers, looking to update your style, or want to create a capsule wardrobe and would like some new clothes but want to ensure you’re getting stylish and unique pieces which will compliment your existing wardrobe.

Wardrobe Revitalisation

Let’s elevate your look by organising your wardrobe, creating outfits and a personalised lookbook and suggesting pieces to compliment your style. Wardrobe Revitalization & Body Shape & Colour Analysis – 2 hours £225 for standard 5ft wardrobe (additional time can be booked from 30 mins to 2 hours depending on the size of the wardrobe/s!)



Style & Shopping Experience – includes Wardrobe Revitalise, Style Guidance plus Shopping – up to 6 hours £595 (can be done in one day or split over two days)

This service is a real treat! It includes a full Colour & Body Shape AnalysisWardrobe Revitalisation, Style Guidance and includes Stylish Shopping together for the pieces you need to enhance and upgrade your look. This experience can be done in a day or alternatively over the course of two days ie, Wardrobe Revitalization on a morning or evening during the week, followed by shopping another day or a weekend to suit you.

After I have assessed your body shape and done a full colour analysis, so we ensure you are wearing the colours that lift and enhance your personality, we will edit your wardrobe, clearing out unwanted/unsuitable items and making suggestions for how to wear pieces which you haven’t worn or not sure how to wear and go through what are your most stylish looks for your lifestyle and career.  We will then create a list of new items to compliment your existing wardrobe to elevate your style and enhance your confidence. Then we hit the shops for a full Shopping Experience, where I will have pre-selected items just for you to ensure the day runs smoothly and with no stress.  I will guide you, find your styles and sizes which will help you look and feel amazing and to make this the most wonderfully uplifting experience for you.

This service also includes a bespoke Lookbook which will be sent to you after the experience to remind you how to create new outfits, maximise your existing clothes and how to incorporate the new pieces purchased in to your wardrobe to further enhance your style. I will also get in touch with you afterwards to see how you are getting on with your newly organised wardrobe, stylish new purchases and answer any questions you may have.

This service is great if you’re looking for a  new look, a style overhaul or you simply want to treat yourself to some stylish, pieces which will compliment your existing wardrobe and elevate your style to ensure you look and feel your best every single day. 

Wardrobe Revitalisation & Stylish Shopping

Includes Wardrobe Revitalisation & Stylish Shopping where we will create new looks, complimenting your existing wardrobe with timeless pieces to elevate your style and enhance your confidence.


Stylish Shopping 3 hours £325 (additional time may be booked at 30-mins intervals)

We will go shopping together, whether it’s a style update you’re looking for, or to shop for a stunning wedding outfit, gorgeous holiday pieces or simply to enhance your existing look we will find stylish pieces just for you. We will go on a day of your choice, either a weekday or a weekend to suit and I will send you a questionnaire prior to our shopping trip to find out exactly what you’re looking for, so I am able to plan the day according to your budget and requirements. I will have pre-selected items just for you to ensure the day runs smoothly and with no stress.  I will guide you, find styles and sizes which will help you look and feel amazing and to make this the most wonderfully uplifting experience for you. This service can also be tailored to suit you if you’re looking to create an outfit for a specific event such as a wedding – get in touch with me to plan your perfect look.  This service includes a follow up call a few weeks later to see how you’re getting on with your new pieces and to answer any questions you may have.

If you’d like to discuss shopping experiences for you and a friend or family member please do get in touch with me as I offer Mother/Daughter packages which are a beautiful way to share time together perhaps before a family wedding or a special event such as Royal Ascot.

Stylish Shopping – 3 hour experience (additional time may be booked)

We will go shopping together, whether it’s a style update you’re looking for, or to shop for a stunning wedding outfit, gorgeous holiday pieces or simply to enhance your existing look we will find stylish pieces just for you.


IMG-20190221-WA0010Style Workshops

I create bespoke Style Workshops/Events which can be designed to suit you, your colleagues, your friends or for a club/group you’re involved with, perhaps a networking group, Book Club, or simply as a great get together for your friends/family. These can be run at a specific venue, your home or at your place of work, whatever suits you. Please contact me to discuss further so we can create a fantastic stylish workshop just for you!

This service is great if you’re looking to offer a unique event for your colleagues as a benefit/reward at work or as a wonderful treat for your friends/family, perhaps in celebration of a special event such as a wedding or birthday party.

So what are you waiting for…get in touch and feel your best every single day!

Or email me directly on or call/text me 07966 406889



‘Abbey and her wonderful experience was recommended by a colleague, who spoke so enthusiastically about her day I had to look into it.
So why did I feel the need to call Abbey? …Well I had recently hit 50, I had been promoted at work and the business I worked in was becoming more relaxed in their business dress. I suppose I felt quite corporate and although I wanted to remain smart I knew I could do with a refresh. Also I always struggled with what to wear on dress down days! Not only that I had many clothes but none
I really loved and many individual pieces that didn’t seem to go with anything!
The first part of the experience was Abbey visiting me at home. I was strangely apprehensive getting all my clothes out on display. But I needn’t have worried – Abbey didn’t judge, she wanted to know how I felt wearing the clothes and what was important to me in how I felt. Along the way she provided tips on what to wear and what not to wear, what worked for my shape and what ‘drowned
me’. Throughout this experience Abbey was noting the clothes she felt I needed to bring items together and enhance my current wardrobe. This was done in a very relaxed and fun way and by the end I had a few piles for the charity shop.
The shopping element was great fun especially as Abbey had been sourcing and reserving items at a number of shops before I arrived. Which meant I went into the changing room with a huge selection of clothes – some I would have chosen and some I wouldn’t. There was no pressure to buy but I was encouraged to try them all on. I was really surprised how good I looked, how the clothes fitted my shape and refreshed my style. Abbey knew how to highlight my best bits and hide the not so good
parts (in my opinion)!
Abbey was very positive throughout the experience, providing advice as we went and bringing outfits together. We went into shops I would not have visited and was really surprised by what she found for me. Who knew I would get an amazing pair of trousers from River Island! I set the budget and we kept to it and my choices were stylish but not costly. It’s not about the price or the brand but how you feel when you wear it. I even look good now in a £10 pair of jeans and I don’t feel too old to be in River Island!
The results? Well I feel good in my new outfits, I have confidence to try new things and I get so many compliments on the clothes I wear and how I look. There is one top that I would not have picked off the rail that gets the biggest compliments. The best advice I got? Have all your clothes together, sorted by colour and wear what you want each day – don’t keep things for best and wear tops with smart trousers on work days and with jeans on weekends – don’t have a work and going out wardrobe. This way you wear all of your clothes and you enjoy them more.
Clothes really do define who you are but more importantly they influence how you feel. I really do love selecting what I am going to wear each day and often think would Abbey like this?
Abbey is an amazing, warm, intelligent and stylish individual and I am so pleased we met.

Christine, Northants

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Abbey for many years and had the chance to be styled by her many times. She’s brought me confidence when I’ve been feeling low through simple suggestions that had a big impact on my mood and helped me switch up my style embracing looks I hadn’t considered before.  Always making the best suggestions, often really simple, sometimes life changing… that make me feel myself again. Highly recommend booking Abbey whatever your needs. More than a fashion stylist… she changes how you feel about yourself”

Jennie, Exeter

More than a stylist…