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Tonal Dressing means creating an outfit using similar (not the same) tones, such as cream, ivory and mocha for example. It can look effortlessly chic and elegant when you get it right and creates a timeless, feminine look.

Keep it simple, often less is more and the trick is ensuring the tones are different enough that it doesn’t look you’re trying to match each piece, but similar enough that it creates that ‘effortless’ vibe we’re looking for. I often get asked about ‘effortless style’ and tonal dressing is such a great way of doing this but it does take a bit of practice – like effortless make-up!

I’ve used a few examples here to give you some style inspiration and don’t forget this also works with colour and not just neutral tones. You can still do tonal dressing with a bright colour, such as purple, lilac and mauve for example, which creates a stylish statement without sticking to neutrals. If you look through your wardrobe I expect you”ll find some items you can experiment with to create some of these looks.

You can create a style edge by adding one contrasting pop of colour with an accessory like a stunning bag to really elevate your tonal outfit. Enjoy experimenting and let me know how you get on with tonal dressing or if you have any questions…

Tonal dressing using different hues of mossy greens looks effortlessly chic

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