Abbey Booth’s Bio for Press Coverage

Abbey Booth is the founder of Stories With Clothes, the intuitive and transformational personal styling brand on a mission to empower people through confident personalised dressing.  Abbey’s career began in advertising before she realised, embraced and began living her passion; fashion.  Her first foray into fashion was as a boutique owner, then fashion buyer before retraining with The London College of Style and launching Stories With Clothes.     

Abbey’s core belief is that anyone can realise their true power and creative potential through their personal style.  The key is understanding your body shape, colour and confidently combining the two because the way we dress impacts how we show up in the world. She is an advocate for dismissing clothing sizes – those arbitrary, inconsistent numbers on the label – instead her focus is on enabling her clients to experience the revelation of dressing for their body shape.  She is a true champion of embracing body shape and positive body image. “My time with Abbey was life enhancing. She gave me permission to be me and my confidence has sky rocketed since. Her genuine passion for what she does is so wonderful to witness and I think every woman should have a session with Abbey!” Mina, Herts.

Abbey is a compassionate and intuitive stylist who understands that when you feel great you stand taller, smile wider and literally own the room.  Her zest for a positive and fulfilling life is contagious.  Through her services she enables women and men to discover their own unique style.  Her services include advanced colour analysis, wardrobe edits, Style Events, personal shopping experiences, group and corporate workshops as well as virtual stylist services.

Abbey Booth from Stories With Clothes in discussion with Nick Coffer on BBC Three Counties Radio
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