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Savvy Sale Shopping

Sale time. Music to some people’s ears who will be singing all the way to their favourite store OR are you one to avoid the shops like the plague, one of many who simply can’t stand the scrummage and the mess at some retailers during sale season?

And not to mention that as consumers we’ve become very attuned to bargain-hunting and rightly or wrongly have come to expect regular sales throughout the year and not just at traditional sale times. Many retailers have been on sale since mid December and some since Black Friday, and after Christmas shopping and the endless month of January, it’s no wonder we might be feeling a bit jaded by the big red sale signs.

However it can also be a wise move for smart, decisive and shrewd consumers, especially if you’re on the lookout for more expensive items such as coats and leather shoes/boots – now is your time.  So before you go hot-footing it to the retail giants, here are my top tips to Savvy Sale Shopping;

1. Write a list of what you need/want. This helps you remain focussed when out shopping and less likely to come home with items you don’t really need. On my list were black flats with a wide sole, black chunky boots and a striped top – I got all three and nothing else (my 11yo daughter spent more than I did!)


2. Set yourself a budget. A budget you can manage and feel comfortable with as we all hate that feeling of buyers regret and many retailers only offer exchange on sale goods so you won’t be able to get refunds if you’ve overspent on that green faux-fur jacket you may only wear once. Try and stick within your budget and work out where you are best to allocate that budget ie it’s wise to spend more on longer lasting items like shoes or coats which are essential and hard working parts of our wardrobe.

3. Consider local boutiques. If you’re lucky enough to live in a town where there are independent boutiques I implore you to support them whenever you can. Not only are their collections more unique than the big retailers but they will know their brands and fits intimately which can save you lots of hassle whilst also providing you with a unique service. Often their prices will be extremely competitive during sale season as many boutiques don’t have the luxury of large store rooms to keep unsold stock, so they’ll need to clear the way for new season arrivals. Independent boutiques also often run events, customer loyalty schemes, offer unique fashion and accessories and will know their customers really well. Use them or lose them!

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4. Would pay full-price for it? When out shopping and you’ve found something you want to buy, think about if you’d be willing to pay full-price for it or if you’re only interested because of the reduced price. This will help you decide if you do really like/love it.

5. Plan an outfit. Think of three outfits you’ll wear it with using existing pieces from your wardrobe, is it going to compliment and work hard for you or is it going to be another top that sits at the bottom of your wardrobe gathering dust! Your list from point 1 should also help with this as hopefully you know what you want so you can be really focussed.


6. Do you love it? If it’s just blah then save your money and the planet for another day. There is no point buying something simply because of the price. Be prepared to walk away.

7. Feel the magic! Sometimes, just sometimes you come across something wonderful that you fall in love with and just know is going to be a Wardrobe Hero for years to come and will give you that special smile every time you wear it. That smug, knowing smile that tells everyone how gorgeous you look and feel. And that is special and should not be ignored. I’m not saying hang all of the above advice, but I am saying allow yourself to have the freedom to fall in love…it might not happen this time and if not no worries there’ll be another day. I bought one of my most treasured items, a checked Joseph swing coat, on sale about eight years ago and it was a stretch for me even on sale but I simply adored it and it’s a classic, beautifully crafted item which I will love forever. Sometimes, just sometimes it’s worth pushing the boat out to feel the magic.


Hope this has given you some food for thought and helped you to be more focused and buy items you’re going to love and get lots of wear out of, the next time you’re going sale shopping or in fact any shopping trip it will be useful for.  I would love to hear from you if you’ve found any fantastic beauties in the sales recently…

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Fun facts

Hello…is it me you’re looking for!

Hello my name is Abbey and I am a Personal Stylist, specialising in helping women get their style mojo back after a change, ie becoming a Mother, a career transition, an illness or simply to reorganise and streamline your wardrobe. I truly believe in helping women be the best and most beautiful versions of themselves – one of my favourite fashion quotes, ‘Never underestimate the power of a great outfit on a bad day’ really sums up how I feel about style.

I worked for many years in advertising and marketing for a national newspaper, which I loved, until having children and moving away from London. I decided to re-train in visual merchandising and window dressing, creating beautiful displays for boutiques and fabric shops in London and through this, I fell in love with fashion retail.

I set up my own women’s fashion boutique in my local town offering a range of stylish, unique and affordable brands, personal styling sessions, created Pop-Up Boutiques at local venues, hosted style events and fashion champagne tea parties and I also built a transactional retail website for the business. Busy Busy!

It was an amazing experience and I loved the feeling of encouraging women to look and feel fantastic but unfortunately had to cease trading in March 2017 when I was unable to extend my lease or to find an alternative retail unit locally. It was a very difficult decision which left me pretty heart broken at the time though it has enabled me to focus on freelance personal styling, retail consultancy and being a ‘present’ and less stressed Mum!

Here are five fun facts about me;

1) I was Captain of the rounders team at school and still love playing it with my children and family/friends, though I am well known for being ridiculously competitive!

2) I love dressing up and in fact met my husband dressed as a ‘Space-Age Charlie’s Angel’ (involving lots of silver foil and a glitter striped mini skirt which was actually a boob-tube 😮)

3) I have two children and had amazing home-births in a water pool with both of them, supported by an independent midwife who I still think is a living angel.

4) I love horses, used to ride and own horses and spent 10 years working for the Racing Post – basically I got paid to go horse-racing! I don’t ride anymore but still love to go racing and share my love of it with friends and family.

5) I love the sunshine, a perfect holiday to me is the sun, a pool and a great book! Find the warm patch and you’ll find me ☀️☀️☀️

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