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Savvy Sale Shopping

Sale time. Music to some people’s ears who will be singing all the way to their favourite store OR are you one to avoid the shops like the plague, one of many who simply can’t stand the scrummage and the mess at some retailers during sale season?

And not to mention that as consumers we’ve become very attuned to bargain-hunting and rightly or wrongly have come to expect regular sales throughout the year and not just at traditional sale times. Many retailers have been on sale since mid December and some since Black Friday, and after Christmas shopping and the endless month of January, it’s no wonder we might be feeling a bit jaded by the big red sale signs.

However it can also be a wise move for smart, decisive and shrewd consumers, especially if you’re on the lookout for more expensive items such as coats and leather shoes/boots – now is your time.  So before you go hot-footing it to the retail giants, here are my top tips to Savvy Sale Shopping;

1. Write a list of what you need/want. This helps you remain focussed when out shopping and less likely to come home with items you don’t really need. On my list were black flats with a wide sole, black chunky boots and a striped top – I got all three and nothing else (my 11yo daughter spent more than I did!)


2. Set yourself a budget. A budget you can manage and feel comfortable with as we all hate that feeling of buyers regret and many retailers only offer exchange on sale goods so you won’t be able to get refunds if you’ve overspent on that green faux-fur jacket you may only wear once. Try and stick within your budget and work out where you are best to allocate that budget ie it’s wise to spend more on longer lasting items like shoes or coats which are essential and hard working parts of our wardrobe.

3. Consider local boutiques. If you’re lucky enough to live in a town where there are independent boutiques I implore you to support them whenever you can. Not only are their collections more unique than the big retailers but they will know their brands and fits intimately which can save you lots of hassle whilst also providing you with a unique service. Often their prices will be extremely competitive during sale season as many boutiques don’t have the luxury of large store rooms to keep unsold stock, so they’ll need to clear the way for new season arrivals. Independent boutiques also often run events, customer loyalty schemes, offer unique fashion and accessories and will know their customers really well. Use them or lose them!

shallow focus photography of clothes
Photo by Artem Bali on

4. Would pay full-price for it? When out shopping and you’ve found something you want to buy, think about if you’d be willing to pay full-price for it or if you’re only interested because of the reduced price. This will help you decide if you do really like/love it.

5. Plan an outfit. Think of three outfits you’ll wear it with using existing pieces from your wardrobe, is it going to compliment and work hard for you or is it going to be another top that sits at the bottom of your wardrobe gathering dust! Your list from point 1 should also help with this as hopefully you know what you want so you can be really focussed.


6. Do you love it? If it’s just blah then save your money and the planet for another day. There is no point buying something simply because of the price. Be prepared to walk away.

7. Feel the magic! Sometimes, just sometimes you come across something wonderful that you fall in love with and just know is going to be a Wardrobe Hero for years to come and will give you that special smile every time you wear it. That smug, knowing smile that tells everyone how gorgeous you look and feel. And that is special and should not be ignored. I’m not saying hang all of the above advice, but I am saying allow yourself to have the freedom to fall in love…it might not happen this time and if not no worries there’ll be another day. I bought one of my most treasured items, a checked Joseph swing coat, on sale about eight years ago and it was a stretch for me even on sale but I simply adored it and it’s a classic, beautifully crafted item which I will love forever. Sometimes, just sometimes it’s worth pushing the boat out to feel the magic.


Hope this has given you some food for thought and helped you to be more focused and buy items you’re going to love and get lots of wear out of, the next time you’re going sale shopping or in fact any shopping trip it will be useful for.  I would love to hear from you if you’ve found any fantastic beauties in the sales recently…

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Biker jacket vs Blazer!

The Biker jacket and blazer go head to head…

As you probably know by now, I love a biker jacket and often add one to an outfit to dress it down or biker-chic it up depending on what I’m wearing underneath, yet I have also always been a major fan of the trusty blazer and this autumn/winter they are really having a moment with some brilliant tuxedo options around.

The Biker Jacket

My biker jackets are all trusted friends of old and have been around the block a few times and still stood the test of time. One of my favourites is a 15 year old real leather tan biker my parents bought me and one of my recent acquisition is a pre-loved Betty Jackson animal print version I bought last year. This proves how useful they’ve been and showing you how cyclical fashion is – things usually have a habit of coming back round – look at the 90’s vibe going on right now!

There is pretty much no end to how you can wear a biker jacket – just try it with different outfits as a well-fitted biker can create a waist where there is none, interest to an otherwise every day look and sass to a formal outfit – why not wear over a cocktail dress and add ankle boots. Try it with elegant wide-leg trousers to balance out the proportions and dress-down a work-look – instantly taking you to the cocktail bar! A biker jacket also enables you to wear seasonal pieces out of season – think summer dress, autumn jumpsuit, an outfit you bought for a friend’s wedding – add a biker jacket to dress them down and sass them up and wear all year round. I am still wearing my summer white maxi skirt with a black biker jacket and a roll-neck to ‘winterize’ the look. Definitely getting the use out of that skirt!

Style is much more long-lasting and carries it’s own story so you can rest assured it’s worth the investment if you want to go down the leather route. There are brilliant PU and Vegan Lather options around as well, so there really is a jacket for your budget, your style and your story.

Here are a few of my current High Street favourites;

The Blazer

Blazers are so ‘in’ right now although in my opinion they never really went out. They’ve had a style upgrade and with the popularity of two-pieces there are some great options out there – you don’t just need to stick to black. You can add checks, stripes, prints or go for paler neutral colours to lighten up your look.

I own two black blazers, one more fitted and a looser longer version which always looks chic with skinnies and heels on a night out when I can’t decide what to wear! I picked up a navy Calvin Klein beauty from a charity shop, which is a stunning fit and really elegant and this year I bought and wore to Royal Ascot a white blazer from Mint Velvet which has had tons of use and I’m still wearing it now. This colourway has been a revelation and as a slightly longer style I’ve been able to wear it with maxi skirts and wide-leg trousers creating an elegant and feminine look.

Adding a blazer to a simple jeans and Breton striped top has become something of a staple look and why not – the addition of a blazer quickly upgrades this outfit to every day to chic but don’t forget about adding a blazer over a maxi skirt or a dress for a feminine and chic silhouette. A blazer also elevates a sports luxe trouser – getting you more use and comfort from your wardrobe and creating a style-forward look for work.

Play around with lengths and sizes – sometimes going up a size will mean you get more use out of it as you can layer up underneath as the winter gets colder. Over-sized doesn’t have to mean it makes you look ‘bigger’ or wider as long as the cut is flattering wearing it sized up can actually look elegant and effortless especially if you balance the proportions by wearing skinnies or fitted items underneath or adding a belt to create a contrast.

Here are a few of my current High Street favourites;

I’ve also created a style guide showing a few outfits of me wearing the same outfit except for the finishing touch of either a blazer or a biker jacket – see for yourself the difference each item makes and how you can upgrade or dress down many outfits ensuring your clothes work harder for you.

I am currently writing a Blog featuring these two iconic styles as part of my ‘Six Style Pieces Every Woman Should Own’ piece – so if you’d like to know more about how and why I think these are Wardrobe Essentials along with other essentials, follow me on social media and keep a look out for it coming soon. Or have a read of some of my previous blogs for Style Inspiration

See how many different looks you can create just by adding one of the above and I’d love to hear from you if you’ve created any new outfits…

Until next time – look and feel the best version of you!

Abbey xx


Would love to hear from you if you’d like to create a bespoke Shopping Experience to find the perfect Biker Jacket or Blazer, or if you’d like to Refresh and Revitalise your style have a look at my Services Page and get in touch. Look and feel the best version of you, everyday.


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Getting the max out of a maxi skirt…

Maxi skirt’s are traditionally thought of as a summer essential but after the rise of the midi-skirt into a fashion bloggers favourite over the last few years the maxi skirt is the natural successor to this new wardrobe hero and with a huge array of fabrics, styles, prints and colours there is a style to suit every taste and budget. As winter beckons I’m going to show you how to incorporate a maxi and/or midi-skirt into your daily, and nightly outfits to achieve maximum style points with chic casual looks to striking occasion looks. Where possible I’ve added links and put in the stock/product codes to make shopping really simple.

  1. The perfect day to night skirt  You can wear sparkle during the day – it’s not just for Christmas! If you want to dress this down for a chic day look just add a chunky knit in a neutral tone like cream, white or black and either add trainers or boots. To make this a day-to-night piece add a silk camisole or lace top in gold or black, add heels or in this case gold pointed ankle boots, a classic biker jacket or go all out glam with a faux-fur jacket and add a sparkly clutch bag to complete the look – perfect for drinking cocktails with the girls! This skirt is by a beautiful boutique Danish brand called Culture which I stocked for many years in my boutique, they use great quality fabrics which was well and even better this skirt has an elasticated waistband and is true to size. If you are petite this waist-band folds neatly to shorten the length of the skirt.

Chic day look

day look 1.png

Necklace Accessorize 15.00 (5828418100)

Cream knit with button details Mint Velvet 89.00 (001014412)

Skirt Culture 59.00 – available in boutiques or online 

Bag Topshop 29.00 (24S44PGRY)

White & gold trainers Topshop 28.00 (42C19NWHT)

2) Night-owl outfit

Look 1 Maxi skirts

Earrings H&M  8.99  (0292453028)

Camisole in black Topshop 24.00  (13R26PBLK)

Skirt Culture 59.00 – available in boutiques or online 

Faux fur animal print jacket Warehouse 89.00  (32559)

Gold leather boots  Sosandar 95.00  (SS18FW07MC0017 )

3) Weekend day to night 

This outfit initially looks ‘dressy’ because of the jacquard print skirt which is stunning and could be a show-stopping occasion piece, but by adding similar tones and contrasting textures we can dress it down yet still look really stylish and glamorous. I think this would be a perfect look for an afternoon shopping with the girls and heading straight out for dinner and cocktails! You could wear this piece for a winter wedding by adding bronze heels and a cream fitted silk top with either a cropped jacket or a long tuxedo style blazer for added style points. Then wear it again for a family lunch out with a big fluffy cream knit and trainers – this way you’ll use it more and you’re able to create completely different looks with the same skirt.


Six favourite things (1).png

Earrings semi-precious H&M 17.99 (0677964001)

Cowl neck black camisole Lipsy via Next 20.00 L92-458

Jacquard print skirt Coast 179.00 (2092380)

Faux fur jacket H&M 69.99

Animal print trainers Mint Velvet 99.00 (14605)

4) Work outfit

A maxi skirt creates interest and impact as a work look, you just need the right accessories to compliment and enhance the look. I’ve chosen a gorgeous blue skirt from Next which has been specially designed to keep you at an even temperature, is machine washable, has pockets and is crease resistant making it a great travel piece. I’ve added a Next pussy bow blouse in white which can be tucked in to accentuate the waist and add definition and interest, and a classic Gucci handbag – a girl can dream! The earrings add a feminine touch and are from Accessorize. To keep it on-trend I’ve put an animal print boot in the mix although you could replace this with a simple nude heel if you work somewhere more traditional. Six favourite things (2).png

Earrings Accessorize 15.00

Boots Office 89.00

Skirt & Top Next 75.00

Handbag Gucci 1340.00

5) Weekend look

By contrasting the colours this creates a fun, casual look with pieces that can be used again, yet this outfit still looks chic and pulled together.

Six favourite things (3).png

Top Can’t remember where this little number came from but Next have a good range of pink knits and if I come across it I will let you know!

Bag New Look 25.99

Skirt Next 75.00

Earrings Topshop 16.50

Trainers Puma from Office 69.99

6. Colourful casual

Add colour and texture with this amazing Anthropologie skirt – all you need to complete the look is simple, neutral accessories to let the skirt have the limelight. This outfit will have you swooshing all day long and feeling ultra feminine, add a biker jacket if you don’t want to do too much girliness!

Six favourite things (4).png

Skirt Anthropologie 130.00

Cream knit with button details Mint Velvet 89.00 (001014412)

Trainers also Mint Velvet 89.00

7) Bright work look

Just by adding the tuxedo style blazer and boots this smartens up the look immediately.

Six favourite things (5).png

Tuxedo Blazer Sosandar 89.00

Boots Marks & Spencer’s 69.00

Skirt Anthropologie 130.00

You can see how versatile a maxi skirt is and if you find the full-length too much, if you’re petite for example, there are hundreds of great midi skirts to choose from to create new and stylish looks. Just remember with a maxi skirt it’s all to do with proportion so play around with tucking in sweaters/knitwear if you feel you have too much fabric. I love a maxi skirt as it’s great alternative to jeans as a weekend casual look and very easy to wear if you’re not feeling the skinny-jean mojo that day. I am still wearing my white maxi summer skirt and having fun with different layers and looks with trainers, boots and adding chunky knits as the weather gets colder.

Let me know which is your favourite look from the outfits above and whether you might dip your toe in and try a winter maxi skirt. And if you come across a great skirt give me a shout here or over on my social media pages…

Until next time,