What a style brain Abbey has! I booked a bespoke Style and Shopping Experience for myself (50-something year old & my 22 year old daughter) after we decided we wanted to share more ‘experiences’ together. As we live in Manchester she had really prepped and worked out what worked and what didn’t for each of us prior to our first meeting. She was so relaxed, professional and confident that it was a pleasure to have her in our home. WOW – every stitch of clothing out on the bed, sorted into colour order, then sifted through [keep, charity, unsure]. It was SO therapeutic – things that I had not worn for ages made a welcome re-appearance and things I had that I did not know did not suit me made a hasty exit. Abbey was so flexible and clever she managed to do this in a couple of hours for each of us before we headed to the shops. 

What a treat, Abbey had done a reccy of our local shopping centre and put loads of items  behind the counter for each of us. It made the experience fun and efficient! Abbey had laser vision, her “yes that suits/works” and “nope” were wonderful in building our confidence and she remembered things we had in our wardrobes that would match and compliment items we were reviewing in the shops!

The aftermath is I have 8-10 things that I just adore, I feel well dressed, confident, sassy and professional. I also feel very supported and capable of making much better style choices than I have ever done in my life. My wardrobe is colour co-ordinated for the first time ever. I travel a lot for work and packing for my trips since my style makeover has been a dream, I pick outfit that works for the plane, the office, for client meetings and presentations.

Abbey and I have also worked out a way to keep in touch and continue to work on my look [which I love], I have a special ASOS account and she shops into a Wish List for me, I log on, look and choose what to buy – I really feel she knows me, my style and my lifestyle.”

Lisa, Manchester

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