Abbey is an amazing, warm, intelligent and stylish individual and I am so pleased we met.

‘Abbey and her wonderful experience was recommended by a colleague, who spoke so enthusiastically about her day I had to look into it.
So why did I feel the need to call Abbey? …Well I had recently hit 50, I had been promoted at work and the business I worked in was becoming more relaxed in their business dress. I suppose I felt quite corporate and although I wanted to remain smart I knew I could do with a refresh. Also I always struggled with what to wear on dress down days! Not only that I had many clothes but none
I really loved and many individual pieces that didn’t seem to go with anything!
The first part of the experience was Abbey visiting me at home. I was strangely apprehensive getting all my clothes out on display. But I needn’t have worried – Abbey didn’t judge, she wanted to know how I felt wearing the clothes and what was important to me in how I felt. Along the way she provided tips on what to wear and what not to wear, what worked for my shape and what ‘drowned
me’. Throughout this experience Abbey was noting the clothes she felt I needed to bring items together and enhance my current wardrobe. This was done in a very relaxed and fun way and by the end I had a few piles for the charity shop.
The shopping element was great fun especially as Abbey had been sourcing and reserving items at a number of shops before I arrived. Which meant I went into the changing room with a huge selection of clothes – some I would have chosen and some I wouldn’t. There was no pressure to buy but I was encouraged to try them all on. I was really surprised how good I looked, how the clothes fitted my shape and refreshed my style. Abbey knew how to highlight my best bits and hide the not so good
parts (in my opinion)!
Abbey was very positive throughout the experience, providing advice as we went and bringing outfits together. We went into shops I would not have visited and was really surprised by what she found for me. Who knew I would get an amazing pair of trousers from River Island! I set the budget and we kept to it and my choices were stylish but not costly. It’s not about the price or the brand but how you feel when you wear it. I even look good now in a £10 pair of jeans and I don’t feel too old to be in River Island!
The results? Well I feel good in my new outfits, I have confidence to try new things and I get so many compliments on the clothes I wear and how I look. There is one top that I would not have picked off the rail that gets the biggest compliments. The best advice I got? Have all your clothes together, sorted by colour and wear what you want each day – don’t keep things for best and wear tops with smart trousers on work days and with jeans on weekends – don’t have a work and going out wardrobe. This way you wear all of your clothes and you enjoy them more.
Clothes really do define who you are but more importantly they influence how you feel. I really do love selecting what I am going to wear each day and often think ‘Would Abbey like this?!’
Abbey is an amazing, warm, intelligent and stylish individual and I am so pleased we met.
Christine, Northants.
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